Okay, season six. You’ve been epic. We’ve seen Starks survive stabbings. We’ve held the door. We’ve survived bastardbowl. We’ve learned to make jokes.

But now the finale, “The Winds Of Winter” is upon us and we really really really need some answers.

1. What’s Littlefinger expecting in return for coming to Sansa’s aid?

Will he become hubby #3?

2. BTW, is Sansa pregnant?

She’s not. Right? She’s definitely not. I think.

3. Will Dany and Yara become a thing?

Fingers crossed.

4. Is Jon Snow #TPWWP?

(The Prince Who Was Promised) Or is Mellisandre just grasping at straws at this point?

5. Is Davos going to figure out what really happened to Shireen?

She taught him to read! You don’t just get over that!

6. What is Cersei planning?

It’s all rumors and schemes with these two.

7. Is she going to burn a city to the ground?

She’s always promising…

8. Is this snow? Or is it ash?

Daenerys’ vision

9. Will Dany/Arya/Bran ever make it back home?

Homeward bound?

She’s heading home.

What about Bran?

10. Are we going to get more scenes with the single best character ever introduced in “Game Of Thrones” television history?

Lyanna Mormont for the Iron Throne, The Salt Throne, and The Khalasar