All the GIFs you need from “B&B NYC!”

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Abbi lets her apartment out for the night.

“How do you say? Leent?”

The girls attempt to camp out on Ilana’s roof.

“Oh shit!”

But instead happen upon a VIP party at the 40/40 club

That pony tail flip is everything.

“In da klerb, we all fam.”

“Are you racist? It’s 2016.”

Ilana meets Blake Griffin

“Honey mama wants to climb the bean stalk”

We finally see Bevers!

But he’s no help to Abbi when her apartment is robbed.

Ilana and Blake have to get creative…

instead of going “full peña and vageña.”

Blake Griffin is our new favorite guest star.

Sorry Hillary.

Ilana shows off some special detective skills.

“It’s only six–six and a half hours old!”

Lincoln is pretty jazzed about Ilana’s encounter with Blake.

“This is Blake Griffin’s shoe. I use it as a murse.”

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