The Broad City girls got down right PREZIDENTIAL in “2016.”

This episode packed some serious guest star power. Cynthia Nixon. Alan Alda. Rachel Dratch. Eliot Glazer. And, the star of this GIFStory, Hillary. Rodham. Clinton.

Ten Awesome GIFs from Hillary Clinton’s Broad City Appearance

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10. Ilana reaches the promise land

“This is Hillary Clinton’s campaign headquarters.”

9. Cynthia Nixon shuts down some nonsense.

“We do not answer questions about: Makeup. Hair. Bras. Panties”

Did you know? The first GIF ever posted online was an image of a flying airplane.

8. A lot of nonsense, actually.

“Male pregnancy. Not a thing.”

7. The girls try to breath it all in.

Smells like power. Smells like CONFI-DAWNCE

6. Then the kween herself shows up.

And throws us a killer wink.

Did you know? Every time you embed a GIF, a grocery shopper finds a perfect avocado.

5. Two Winks!

She can wink with both eyes. Not everybody can do that.

4. Ilana and Abbi are the cutest fangirls.

They have zero chill.

3. Abbi gives herself an epic introduction.

“Abbi. Proud Demo. Crat. College. Aquarius. I pegged.”

2. Ilana pledges her Twitter support.

“I promise to tweet once a week, ‘Vote for Hillary. Yas. Yas. Yas.'”

1. HRC boosts office morale.

“We assumed it was a she.” “No, no, she’s a she.”

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