Every 80s reference in Netflix’s Stranger Things trailer, broken down into shareable, embeddable GIFs. Brought to you by Binge Whale, the ultimate TV GIF maker.

1. Behold, a boombox.

Generation z: Whoah, what is that, a giant iPod?
Generation x: Nope, it’s a fantastic relic of human history called a “boombox.”

Today, these are only found in thrift shops, waiting for some romantic to recreate the greatest scene of 1989’s Say Anything.
Say Anything Boombox

2. High School Hallways

Are those mean girls? Nice girls? Are these two locker mates? High school sweat hearts? Unrequited crushes?

Guess we’ll find out in July. But it certainly looks like we’re in for some good old-fashioned high school drama.


3. Boys Being Boys

These kids are either the most enthusiastic homework-doers of all time, or some boyish mischief is afoot in Hawkins.

Three words. The. Goonies. Vibes.

4. Bikes!

Remember when kids were just allowed to roam the streets on bicycles? The 80s were a simpler time.

Also, if this moment doesn’t give you E.T. flashbacks, I highly suggest you go re-watch it. Like right now. Go.
E.T. Bike Scene

5. Is there something…supernatural happening?

Okay, this trailer is starting to get really scary.

Like, 1982’s Poltergeist scary.
Poltergeist 1982

6. Winona Ryder!

And with a cigarette, no less.

Don’t smoke, kids. We’ve learned a lot in the last three decades.

The very presence of Winona, staple of such cult-classics as Heathers and Beetlejuice, gives this trailer so many 80s feels.
Winona Ryder Beetlejuice

7. Seriously. The E.T. References

These spacesuit dudes…

They’re always so evil.
ET suit man reflection shot

8. That Title Treatment

So Stephen King-ish.

So John Carpenter-esque.
John Carpenter's Halloween

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