New GIFs from tonight’s episode, “Philadelphia”

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Selfie game strong

😜 😴

“If only I was 30 years younger!”

“Ew, then what, Dad?”


When you accidentally call your best friend your boyfriend. In front of her dad.


Abbi loved Ross. Of course she did!

Abbi’s dreadlock

“It smells worse than the pictures. Like pepperoni.”

A first edition JonBenét Ramsey commemorative Beanie Babie!

“The beanie boards are gonna light up tonight!”

“I’m not sexual aroused, I’m fiscally aroused.”

“Fully engorged”

Tip toe, please!

“New floors”

Ilana speaks Chinese

Or, just a little mandarin she picked up from her mom

Which we saw in season 2


Abbi lives out her high school fantasy of making out in the locker room

“But no one ever tells you about the feet smell, ya know?”

Maybe the 2nd hottest guest star of this episode

Kelly Rohrbach

The best part of going back home?

Pancake dance parties with Tony Danza

The episode ends with a little juice cleanse

Ilana’s final act of awkwardness in a series of cringe-worthy exhcanges at the Abrams’

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