Mr. Robot Season 2×01

Episode 1 – Part 1

Flashback to Tyrell

We get a glimpse of what happened during those three missing days from last season.

That window scene!

The infamous window fall. If you forgot, this is when Elliot was 8 and he told his mom about his dad’s secret cancer. Dad have him a good shove and lil E fell out the damn window.



Today started just like yesterday. A loop.

Elliot has a new, super-regimented approach to life. He’s being doing it for a month. I have to say, his shit is TIDY. And his mom is there?

A new friend!

Leon, a talkative guy who just discovered Seinfeld.

He’s here…

Mr. Robot hasn’t gone anywhere. He’s still hanging around Elliot and giving him bad fatherly advice. Oh, and shooting him in the head. Multiple times.

fsociety has Wall Street by the balls.


Darlene is having panic attacks

But she’s leading her army. Changing the world. Without Elliot.

Meet Susan Jacobs

General Counselor for E Corp

Time for Intermission

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