Season 2: Episode 4: ‘Blood In The Streets.’ All The GIFs From That Crazy “Fear The Walking Dead” Opening Sequence.

Warning: Mild SPOILERS below for “Fear The Walking Dead” 2×04

We open on the water. Nick struggles to reach the shore.

A helicopter spotlight whips around him, as he reaches the sand.

Nick enters a barren campground, stepping over a crudely crafted SOS message. It seems it’s gone unanswered.

We make our way through the encampment–which, to me, looks a lot like the campgrounds at Coachella last weekend.

He finds a walker and makes his move.

For a second, it’s not clear whether Nick has completely lost it. But, of course, he has a plan.

Is it just me, or are Nick’s post-apocalyptic skills truly superior to his FTWD family?

A brilliant call back to “Guts,” that, in my opinion, solidifies Nick’s position as ‘the Rick’ of FTWD.

Which means I can’t wait to see where he goes from here.

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