Rick & Michone are one of TV’s most discussed pairings. We’re here to help you post about it.

Whether you’ve been waiting for 3 seasons for these two to finally get together or this episode caught you completely off guard, there’s no denying that Rick & Michonne are now The Walking Dead’s official power couple. Sorry, but step aside Maggie & Glenn.

Ten lovely GIFs to embed on your site

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10. The Fence

Just look at Rick’s face the first time he sees Michonne.

9. Dat Look

The attraction is there from the start.

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8. Meeting Judith

Rick’s daughter opens up new possibilities for Michonne.

7. Grimes 2.0

Richonne starts to become part of the family.

6. Those Looks

They understand each other in a way nobody else can.

5. The Touch

They take on new adventures together, hand in hand.

4. The Chemistry

Inside the walls of Alexandria, they start to see each other in a new light.

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3. And Finally, Sparks

Apocolypse and chill?

2. Yep, That Happened

Richonne is canon!

1. Epic Couple


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