We don’t know who Negan’s first on-screen kill will be, but we do know that once you say his name, you’re pretty much dead.

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The first mention of the dreaded name

“All your property now belongs to Negan.”

It doesn’t go super well for this crew

Nibble on that.

Gregory, leader of the Hilltop, finds out his deal with the devil has gone south

“Was it Negan?”

And is stabbed within mere seconds of uttering the word

“I’m sorry.”

Paula lets Carol know she knows nothing

“And what do you think you know about Negan?”

And goes down in a matter of minutes

She gone.

Molly the chainsmoker delivers the best line of the season

“Sweetie, sweetie. We are ALL Negan.”

Only to be taken out by another (zombified) member of Negan’s crew

Bye girl.

This guy says he’s Negan, too

“I’m Negan, shithead.”

Which is now officially code for “gonna die”

“I’m sorry it had to come to this”

So, who will be the Negan’s first on-screen victim?

Probably the next person to speak his name. We’ll find out soon. Be sure to check back here for new GIFs from the final two episodes of “The Walking Dead” season 6.

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