1. We learn that Abbi is a “thong head”

“Dude, thongs are the best, it eliminates an entire layer.”

2. Abbi agrees to a date with Trey

So they can finally “have a conversation.”

3. Ilana’s day starts off well enough

“Madonna, Rihanna, Ilana!”

4. Until a difficult conversation with Lincoln

“She’s still running. Her running is a metaphor.”

5. The BLUE DRESS returns!

“Yeah, I don’t know why I didn’t try it on first.”

6. Things get a dicey at dinner.

Ilana is feeling “a little vulnerable.”

7. Trey makes a heroic rescue.

He’s (shockingly) kind of a perfect date.

8. Until Ilana finally deals with her feelings.

“Lincoln broke up with me. He found a beautiful kween.”
“A real queen?”
“No, a kween, like us”

9. The girls end a long day right


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